Liverpool FC are in annihilation mode: the premier league title is the target

7 בפברואר 2024
Can anybody stop Jürgen Klopp and, if not, Liverpool may potentially be the title winner of the English Premier League?

While there's a dramatic tension on the English Premier League table, Liverpool is currently at the top of the table - having played 23 matches. However, even at that -Arsenal and Manchester City seem to be fighting for the title race too! With only 2 points separating these three teams. 

Arsenal defeated Liverpool on Sunday, making it the first loss they've encountered in the last 16 Premier League games. It's likely that Liverpool to be the Premier League title winner because Jürgen Klopp has made a shocking announcement of leaving the club at the end of the season - a Premier League will be a good send-off gift for him!

According to Jürgen Klopp when asked about winning the Premier League title - “Of course I want to win the league. Do I know if we have a chance? It looks like we can be around it but there are so many games between now and then. We have to play them all and win them all, which is crazy."

The last time Liverpool FC won the Premier League Winner was in 19/20 to make history after a 30-year wait since their last top-flight title.

The Premier League season is moving fast and the race is getting more interesting but reassuring that the winner will be among Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, and Manchester City.

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